Buying and Selling Domain Names


If you are interested in buying a domain name, a domain name portfolio, a website, or network of websites, very often a better price can be obtained from the seller by employing the services of an experienced Internet lawyer.

We have acted for numerous domain name and website buyers and sellers, all over the world. We have acted in sales of single domain names from as little as $10,000.00 to sales of major domain name portfolios of over $10,000,000.00

The key to a successful transaction is understanding the unique aspects of domain name and website transactions. Only experience in handling thousands of such transactions can provide you with this kind of understanding. We are very experienced in researching domain names and websites, understanding monetization, traffic, backlinks, and intellectual property issues, as well as assisting you with negotiating the purchase or sale price and closing the deal. After successfully representing parties in thousands of Internet related transactions, our agreements provide you with unparalleled protection of your interests.

By retaining an experienced Internet lawyer, very often a seller will be more responsive because he or she will know that you are a serious buyer. Likewise, if you are a seller, having expert Internet legal counsel will ensure that you get the best price on the best terms. Having us in your corner will provide you with the comfort you need to successfully complete a website or domain name transaction. We can provide you with all the required assistance in researching domain names and websites, analysis of domain names and websites, due diligence of domain names and websites, negotiation of agreements, drafting purchase and sale agreements or lease agreements, assisting with escrow services, as well as general domain name and website legal advice, no matter where you are located in the world.


We can provide you with customized domain name agreements and customized website agreements, that are based on our unique experience having represented thousands of domain name and website owners all over the world. The following is a sample of some of the agreements which we can prepare for you:

  • Domain name agreement of purchase and sale
  • Domain name lease agreement
  • Domain name rental agreement
  • Domain name portfolio sale agreement
  • Domain name portfolio purchase agreement
  • Domain name revenue sharing agreement
  • Domain name and web site joint venture development agreement
  • Domain name assignment agreement
  • Domain name transfer agreement
  • Domain name development agreement
  • Domain name search engine optimization agreement
  • Web site purchase agreement
  • Web site sale agreement
  • Domain name escrow agreement
  • Domain name release agreement
  • Domain name waiver agreement
  • Web site development agreement
  • Domain name monetization agreement
  • Web site monetization agreement
  • Website and Domain Name Joint Venture Agreement