In this concerning article from the National Post, journalist Matt Hartley, reports that Google’s Canadian born CFO, Patrick Pichette, “has a unique view of the business landscape in his home country of Canada.”

Mr. Hartley reports that, “although Canadians spend more time online than just about any other nation in the world, advertising dollars and marketers haven’t followed audiences online to the same degree as in other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.”

Mr. Hartley also reports that according to Google CFO, Mr. Pichette, in Canada “the needle hasn’t moved yet in any significant way” and “Canadian companies do not spend what would be required to actually capture the advertising opportunity; they are staying traditional in their behaviour and mindset.”

Which is hardly news for me. Just take a look at the lack of any significant market for .CA domain names and the lacklustre number and depth of Internet players in Canada.

Hopefully comments from qualified observers of Canada such as Mr. Pichette, will not fall upon deaf ears. Canada needs a wake up call, if it is not already too late.