Lauren Thibodeau v. Saeid Yomtobian

[Indexed as: Thibodeau v. Yomtobian]
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National Arbitration Forum
File No.: FA94868

Commenced: 22 May 2000
Judgement: 28 June 2000 

Presiding Panelist: Richard DiSalle

Domain name – Domain name dispute resolution policy – Trademark – Identical – Recognition – Bad faith – Legitimate rights.

Complainant is the owner of domain name  She is a regular guest on national radio broadcasts, and the website is often mentioned.  Respondent registered the name which orally sounds identical to Complainant’s name and public persona. 

Held, Name Transferred to Complainant.

Respondent’s name is essentially identical with Complainant’s public persona, and is confusing to users seeking her website.
Respondent registered the name in bad faith by intending to draw traffic to it’s own site which features hourly sex shows, and does not feature anyone named Doctor Lauren.  The first page of is identical to another of Respondent’s sites.  Thus, Respondent has no legitimate interests in the name, and registered and used it in bad faith.  Respondent’s knowledge and use of the name before selecting his company’s name is a clear indication of bad faith.

Policies referred to
Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy
DiSalle, Panelist: -
The above entitled matter came on for an administrative hearing on June 28, 2000, 
before the undersigned on the Complaint of Lauren Thibodeau, (“Complainant”)
against Saeid Yomtobian, (“Respondent”).  Upon the written submitted record
including the Complaint and Respondent’s Response to Domain Complaint, the
following DECISION is rendered:


U.S. Trademark Registration Serial No.:           Application in process

Trademark Applicant/Owner:                            Lauren Thibodeau

Registration Date:                                             October 31, 1998

Registration Name:                                 

Domain Name:                           

Domain Name Registrar:                          (CORE-28)

Domain Name Registrant:                                 Saeid Yomtobian

Date of Domain Name Registration:                  February 12, 2000

Date Complaint Filed:                                       May 22, 2000

Date Response to Complaint Filed:                   No date given

After reviewing the complaint, and determining it to be in administrative
compliance, the National Arbitration Forum (“Forum) forwarded the complaint to
the respondent  in compliance with Rule 2(a)[1] and the administrative proceeding
was commenced pursuant to Rule 4(c).  In compliance with Rule 4(d), the Forum
timely gave notice that the administrative proceeding had commenced.  The
complainant elected to have this administrative proceeding conducted by a single
arbitrator and paid the appropriate fee for same.  The Complaint and the
Respondent’s Response to Domain Complaint were docketed and forwarded to
the undersigned arbitrator for decision.


   1.Complainant’s public persona has been “Doctor Lauren” which is often
     abbreviated to “Dr. Lauren”, both in written and spoken communication. 
     Since October 31, 1998, she has been the owner of 
   2.In hundreds of radio broadcast guest appearances dating back to
     December, 1998, she has been called “Dr. Lauren” by program hosts and
     callers.  She is a regular guest on both local and national radio programs,
     some of which are also broadcast via the World Wide Web.  Radio
     program hosts often mention her website,, which when
     spoken, is identical to  In addition, she has distributed
     promotional materials since 1998 which use “Doctor Lauren” and/or Dr.
     Lauren”, including a toll-free number and domain address, 
   3.Her complaint concerns, which was registered
     February 12, 2000, 18 months after she began to use “Doctor Lauren/Dr.
     Lauren” for professional purposes. 
   4.The use of the domain “” is essentially identical with her
     public persona, primarily via website, and is confusing to those who are
     seeking to find her via “”. 
   5.Complainant contends that the Respondent has no legitimate interest in the
     domain name “” and chose it specifically because of its
     identical sound when spoken over the radio. hosts hourly
     live sex shows featuring people and animals, none of whom is referred to as
     “Doctor Lauren”.  The content posted to, at least
     the first page, is identical to www.sexhorse,com, also registered by Mr.
     Saeid Yomtobian (template COCO-1340) through
   6.“” is simply another domain on which to post existing
     content that is featured, and available, from at least one other location,  “” was registered and used in bad
     faith, in the hope that frequent media appearances, during which
     “” is mentioned often and which sounds identical to
     “”, would draw traffic to “ 
   7.There is no legitimate interest in the domain name “” in and
     of itself. 
   8.The Respondent’s response to the Complaint, set forth in its entirety, is as
     follows: “The domain name belongs to our company.  We
     have purchased it under the rules and regulations of the United States.  Our
     corporation has been doing business since Feb 1 1992.” 
   9.There is no explanation by Respondent as to whom the name was purchased
     from, when it was purchased, or when the name was registered. 
  10.The Respondent’s domain name, is either identical to, or
     confusingly similar to, the Complainant’s trademark, 
  11.Respondent’s knowledge of the use of the name and trademark before
     selecting his company’s name is a clear indication of his bad faith and a
     willful disregard of the Complainant’s trademark. 


The undersigned arbitrator certifies that he has acted independently and has no
known conflict of interest to serve as an arbitrator in this proceeding.  Having been
duly selected, and being impartial, the undersigned makes the following conclusions:

   1.The domain name is identical and confusingly similar to the
     Complainant’s trademark, 
   2.Respondent has no rights or legitimate interests in respect of the registered
     domain name at issue. 
   3.Respondent has registered and is using  in bad faith. 


AND NOW, this 28 day of June, 2000, based upon the above findings and
conclusions, and pursuant to Rule 4(i) of the ICANN’s Rules for Uniform Domain
Name Dispute Resolution Policy and the National Arbitration Forum’s
Supplemental Rules to ICANN’s Uniform Domain Resolution Policy, it is decided
as follows: 


Domain Name Transferred