Investigation and Recovery

The first step in recovering your domain name from a cybersquatter is research. Whenever we are retained to assist you with recovering a domain name that rightfully belongs to you, we begin by thoroughly researching every aspect of the domain name and investigating the background of the cybersquatter. We employ unique methods that enable us to know who the cybersquatter is, what their intentions are, and the best method for recovering a particular domain name in the circumstances. In this manner, we always are able to provide you with the complete picture of the prospects for recovery and the issues that may be faced during the recovery process.

Upon being retained and investigating the cybersquatted domain name, we develop a recovery plan based upon the results of our research. In many cases we are able to harness our extensive network of contacts in the domain name world, as well as our international network of legal associated counsel, to assist in recovery of a domain name without having to commence legal proceedings at all. Given our extensive reputation throughout the world, cybersquatters realize that when we take on a case, we mean business and will aggressively take steps to recover a domain name on behalf of a client. Moreover, because we have been involved in domain name law for so long and so extensively, we are often able to provide you with unique techniques, options, and strategies that no other domain name recover law firm is able to provide you with. Because we know how "domainers" operate, we also know how to get your domain name from them. Let us put our unique experience and knowledge to work for you.

We have built our reputation on successfully recovering domain names. Accordingly, consult with us without charge to learn how we assess your prospects for recovery, before you embark on a domain name recovery procedure.