By Zak Muscovitch

The domain name industry is so very fortunate to have a professional like Michael Cyger and his interview series. I was recently interviewed by Michael in Joint Ventures for Domain Name Development – With Zak Muscovitch, and was totally impressed with his professionalism and commitment to fully exploring the issues and providing a genuinely educational interview that will be of enormous use by domain name investors and website developers. As Michael mentioned to me, he has an engineering background, and approached the subject of joint ventures with an engineer's interest is "finding out exactly how things work".

Well, he succeeded in doing just that with this interview. Having gone back and watched it, I surprised myself even, as this was an unprecedented detailed introduction to the issues that arise when putting together a domain name development joint venture. It was an hour long interview, and the time flew by. You can see by the length of the interview, that this was no mere window dressing or promotional video, but rather a real investigation by an interviewer who took time to prepare and investigate the subject before even starting the interview. Congratulations to Michael on creating a real gem in the domain name world, with