For those of you who follow professional poker tournaments on television, you may recall the name of Butch Boyd, a somewhat colorful poker pro. Well, he was recently the target of a domain name cease and desist letter over the domain name, The claimant is (i.e. without the "poker" suffix), which calls itself the world's largest poker strategy and resource web site.

As reported om

"After additional back and forth emails between our lawyers and Boyd, Boyd continued to refuse our demands for a full accounting of the domain and website, and refused to enter into any sort of reasonable settlement. We sent a final demand letter to Boyd letting him know that we were out of options, and that if he didn't want to cooperate by providing the domain name data or entering into settlement negotiations, we'd have no choice but to sue him. Boyd responded to our attorneys with a two-word email: "F*** off." We filed our suit the next day.

I guess Dutch Boyd's bluff was called...Will be interesting to see how this one works out.