By Zak Muscovitch.

Thanks to Michael Cyger's DomainSherpa, you can get watch an unprecedented 1.5+ hour exploration of domain name leasing legal issues. When Michael graciously asked me to participate by being interviewed on this subject, I had no idea that it would end up being such an extensive and detailed examination. But of course, with Michael, it is that kind of quality that we should all expect.

To my knowledge, there has never been a more exhaustive, line-by-line look at domain name leases, on the Internet, nor anywhere else. Michael asks practical and thoughtful questions that serve to highlight the considerations when leasing domain names. For anyone who wants to learn more about this subject, I encourage you to watch. Michael's unique format allowed us to go through a domain name lease in much more detail than what my own domain name client's usually are able to do with me. At the end of it, I was not only exhausted, but surprised about how much ground we covered.

By Zak Muscovitch.

The  "Leasing Domain Names" workshop at Namescon is almost full. I am looking forward to spending 45 minutes taking everyone through a domain name lease agreement, line by line, and explaining the issues and considerations, so that you become familiar with the basics of domain name leasing transactions. After the workshop, I will also be giving attendees an Annotated Domain Name Lease Agreement, which I prepared specifically for Namescon, and which can be used as a template and reference guide for domain name lease transactions.

Domain Name Leasing occurs with more and more frequency as it can allow a lessee to get use of a valuable premium domain name without having to lay out the entire purchase price at the outset. That, combined with an option to purchase, has the potential to make a successful transaction for both parties. Nevertheless, there are potential pitfalls, and also benefits to structuring the transaction in certain ways. Come learn about it, as I love discussing domain name leasing transactions.

The Domain Name Leasing workshop will be held on Sunday, January 11, 2015, at 2:15 pm in "The Mojo Room", at Namescon 2015, in Las Vegas, at the Tropicana Hotel.