I wanted to take a moment to profusely thank a couple of my fellow Bloggers who have warmly welcomed me to the “blogosphere” and took the time to link to my blog and say some very nice and generous things about me.

Robert Borhi, author of DomainReport.ca, who I have never met but look forward to meeting. He generously gave me a very nice mention on his web site. I found Robert’s blog to include many articles that had information that I was not aware of and found very useful and interesting. I will be visiting often.

Jeffrey Behrendt, author of DomainBits.com, is someone who has always been very supportive and appreciate of my work in domain name law, and wrote some exceptionally kind, thoughtful, and encouraging words of welcome to me and my new blog. Jeffrey is an excellent reporter who does this ingenious thing where he interviews people by email and gets great content and great interviews. Although he does not know it, by me watching him do his thing with blogs, he served as an inspiration to me to start one myself, despite the fact that I am as Web 1.0 as you can get, although I am trying…I lstarted linking in, facebooking, and blogging, all in one week…I don’t have the stomach to Twitter quite yet….