US Intellectual Property Litigation

Litigation in the U.S. is usually not the first option. But when negotiations fail to produce an acceptable result, turning the court for resolution of issues becomes necessary.

Litigation brings a host of new issues to the table, including court imposed rules, deadlines, procedures while outside factors such as cost, pressure, and impact on business are ever present.

The result is a complex maze of issues.

We litigate the following types of issues in the U.S.:

  • Contract: interpreting and enforcing contractual provisions and associated damages
  • Copyright: protecting creators/owners of original works
  • Corporate: resolving disputes between businesses and internal disputes between business owners
  • Domain Name Theft: recovering stolen domain portfolios
  • Employment: resolving disputes regarding noncompete agreements, discrimination, and compensation
  • Patent: addressing matters of claimed infringement on federally registered patents
  • Trademark: protecting a business’ ability to use its brand in connection with its goods and services, including actions for the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board
  • Trade Secret: protecting a businesses ability to use its formula, program, or process against direct competition
  • UDRP: Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Proceeding to protect ownership of domain names

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