US Trademark Registration

If you wish to protect your brand and mark in the United States, you must register your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

First, Federal trademark registration is an application process. An application is submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which applies an extensive set of rules and requirements to judge whether your mark is capable of being registered. In short, preparation is key.

Before drafting the trademark registration application, we individually examine your mark, how you use your mark, the goods and services you provide, the channels of trade in which you provide those goods and services, and the likelihood of confusion with other marks in existence.

We take the time to understand your business, its goals, and its planned growth in connection with trademark registration. And then we draft a tailored application for submission to the USPTO. We see this as a 5-step process.

The Registration Process

Step 1: Collect Information. We learn about your business. We collect information about the marks to be registered, how you have used your marks, the products you provide, the customers you reach, and where your company is going in the future.

Step 2: Trademark Clearance. Our attorneys perform an extensive search to determine if any pre existing trademarks pose a risk to your registration. We examine the overall strength of your mark and provide you a written clearance opinion, outlining and evaluating any risks and estimating the likelihood your trademark will achieve registration.

Step 3: Filing the Application. With your consultation, we specifically tailor the trademark application based on the information collected and file the application with the USPTO.

Step 4: Responding to Office Actions. Upon filing, the USPTO’s examining attorney will review your application. The examining attorney tests the application against the numerous rules and requirements and, if a question arises, will issue an Office Action that requests clarification or rejects an application for failure to meet substantive requirements. Our attorneys respond to any Office Action, explaining why the application complies with law and advances arguments in favor of registration.

Step 5: Registration and More. We see your application through to registration. Once registration is granted, our attorneys add your registered trademark to our dual calendaring system to ensure that all renewal dates are met, advise you of the proper use of your trademark, and provide you with advice on foreign trademark filings. Further, we continue to offer protective services such as trademark monitoring, licensing, and if necessary, litigation.

Contact a US Trademark Attorney

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